Sunday, February 8, 2015

A note of Love!

I love him and he is not my husband!

Yeah keep guessing.
I first had heard about this man when I was dating and when I was about to get married.
PP was all priases about him and would go on and on about his Role model..and I wondered why would someone have a role model at the first place. May be coz I dint have one ;)
I was overwhelmed with the fact that PP had one :P and wondered, if he had a role model then why is he so weird n off beat, may be even his role model is.
I surely knew he must be as uncanny as I imagined him to be.

Right before our marriage PP said .. Ok lets go to my Brother's house in Assam for HM. I was like What??? No ways. Repeat your sentence to see if it makes any sense to you!
Am not gonna honeymoon in your brother's place for god sake. :P and finally that idea slipped our minds due to many tensions and we decided Goa is the best bet for the time we could afford:)

All I knew about this person was he was my husband's favourite.. for what reason? I dint know much about it as I hardly even knew about Pankaj's family background.
My first interaction with him was through email where i said Pranam Bhaiya, hope u recognize me these are my wedding pics.. :P
the feeling in my heart was weird then, interacting to all new set of people with new expectations.

My first meet with him was in Ranchi on Dec 11th for our wedding Reception. That episode of first visit to Ranchi wass abnormally dreadful for me.
abnormal probably because of my reactions to situations, people and the traditions. I was all alone and no one from my family had accompanied me.
My sister and family who had booked their tickets had to cancel as my sister was expecting her second child. My entire travel to Ranchi was a quiet one (so not me), giving a feel of a gal being abducted to marry in a unseen village of Jharkhand
(again it was my imagination). Less did I know that I was to meet the most important person of my life. My visit to Ranchi was good because of this man and a few other very important family members. At the very first meet I knew that I could open up to him and spill my heart out.
That is kind of filmi .. isnt it.. but its a fact. He came across to me as the most mature and open minded person I had ever seen in my Life. Now that was a great feeling for me, one of its kind and the first of its kind.

After our Ranchi trip, i projected my life to be enough traumatized to be associated to a Bihari culture. I even made a statement I would never go back there again and meet any people. Though I have recovered from those feelings and been a real good wife :P

I started being in touch with this special man and every time I have interacted I have been in awe with him, with the way he narrates life's stories and the way he looks at life!
not too late, I fell in love.. totally and that is unexplainable!! Most people in family do wonder why I am so in love with him and just derive an answer that because my husband loves this man, I too love him.
but No.. wait.. thats not the reason. you cant fall in love with someone because you are asked to or u r expected to. LOVE IS DIVINE. IT JUST HAPPENS.. and yeah a little blind too.. (the blind one is for Pankaj :P)..I had all the reasons to love this person and its a special heart to heart connect.

I would always be thrilled to call him and talk to him, listen to him and would crave to meet him too but that hardly happened. We again met at my BIL's wedding for a short while but i thouroughly enjoyed the meet. Time flies with him..

My talks would be endless and I would blabber anything n everything to him. :) now thats being comfortable. While the entire world would complain I would not call
or talk to them I spoke to my favourite person so happily always. I met him again in July 2012 and he finally planned for a vacation to bangalore :)
what more could I ask. I was on top of the world. Spent 3 days in Bangalore with all 3 night outs.. and then We went to Goa and had one of the best trips. Its hard to see Pankaj happy in someone's company but when this someone is around Pankaj is the happiest man :)
and now.. so am I.. the happiest girl..

By now you would know that he is a very very special and important person in my life. I speak to him when I have a happy news or for that matter even a sad news. when am happy and when am down. all the important progress in life is first updated to him.
the next time around I met him is not for a good reason. He was unwell and was to be operated on gall bladder. I went to Delhi for his operation and was with him for a week. How I felt to see him in such grave pain, I will keep it with me.
he then got better and was back to normal health. Very few times I pray so hard and this time around I prayed real hard for his well being.

Soon I was super happy and glad as he had to visit Bangalore for some training. When you love someone so much these things do happen. It was his first official visit to Bangalore and one of its kind.
spent around 5-6 days with him. Showed him my city. for the first time Felt so happy seeing my own city. Coz I was with someone who is so special for me.
He left and I had had the best times with him.

We soon decided to move to Aus, and I could not go away without meeting him. A plan to visit Pankaj's parents and this special someone was made. I just waited to reach their house and I was so happy when I did. Had a great time there and also went on a small vacation, which as per me has been the best till date. Leaving him was painful and I did cry lots. But may be the distance is what keeps the love intact.

I still continue to talk to him, his love and his best wishes makes me so happy coz there are hardly people who wish us truly and who wish to see us happy. He is just those one off person, who wants to see me happy and isnt bothered about whether I buy a house or make kids or not. Though he would be the happiest for every progress in our lives.

This special day he turns an year older and he enters his golden year of 50. I truly wish him the very best in his life, a healthy and a prosperous life!

Love you lots bhaiya.
Take care of yourself and you are one of the most important person in my life


Thursday, February 5, 2015

An year gone by!

well, its been an year since I came to Aus. So many new things have happened, new lessons learnt. Not sure how it has been though. I cant rate it on a scale.
Have I been a happier person? have I been a better human being? Have I learnt lots in an year?
Not sure. May be I'm a little less happier. I feel so.
May be I miss my parents, may be I miss the love and care I got from my mum and dad. But all said and done, life keeps changing itself and I have to change myself to suit to it.
Why do we do so many changes to our lives and why dont we just stay the way we were.. what am I chasing in life. I dont know. And I dont want to know.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The world is a playground!

A place is never bad, its the people who live in it make it good or bad. Any place at large can be good to everyone, if few goons (racists/jobless jerks/troublemakes/AHs/Bstds call what you like) are taken out of the system. Even otherwise, we should not let these minors impact us in any negative way.The entire world is a home as long as we have the attitude to make it your home!! Life is too short and people with big dreams never should get impacted by petty people! Let the petty ones be petty and move ahead!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Our first Melbourne Marathon Oct 12th

I guess I have written enough about runs now.. or wait.. no. not enough.. :)
12th Oct was the Melbourne marathon and me and him did a good job. I loved the enthusiasm in the crowd and so much motivation for us to do better :) People from across ran as One. 'Run' was binding us all together as one.

No caste, no creed, no color, no gender bias and no age limits. I have seen 70+ yrs doing a better job than me. New mommies running and their kids n husbands cheering for them. People of different body types pushing their limits to run as one. The crowd and the zeal was way beyond any expectations.People dressed funny too, like buffoons, spiderman, fancy girls, and many more.

I completed my 10.2 km in 1 hr and 5 mins and he did 10.4 in 1 hr and 15 mins. :)
I had aimed to finish my run in an hour but the last 3 kms were tricky due to narrow tracks and the crowd. People tend to slow down than rush in the last few kms and I was a little stuck among crowd and couldn't do as I had planned.
we were around 12 of us from our company running together and that was the best feeling. all our practise runs together, our beach runs on saturdays, our breakfast sessions, all paid us :)

The biggest motivation to me was our CTO's daughter, a 12 yr old running with us on every saturdays. She did her 10k in an hour and 11 mins and I felt so happy and inspired by that young girl!

We had a nice breakfast together after our run and all we spoke of is about 'Run' and how each of us felt :)

I plan to keep running and so do many of my team members. Wish I get to run often.

My performance details:


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Well this is my Longest Run till now!

Ok this sounds pretty weird that I just posted a week back saying I did a 7.4 km run but now I need to write one more as I touch another milstone.. Yeah.. On the auspicious day of Gandhi Jayanti I did a 8.6 km run in 1 hr and 1 min and I'm pretty thrilled and happy about it.. :) Lot of motivation from people around. everyone older than me.. and everyone does better than me. If I need to even feel the age that I am I need to run. And I love Running!!

Enjoying life every moment. Thanks to my Running.
I might get back here to post again when I break my own record .. Hope so!!